About me

About me;

Books with romance, books with sex,
Voodoo books and books with hex,
Fantasy, mystery, humour and crime,
Young adult, adult adult and kids from time to time,
In all their shapes and all their sizes,
I love books in all their guises.
Olley White

I live in England and use the fenland where I live as inspiration for my writing. I love romance in stories - boy/girl, boy/boy, girl/girl...if they're in love I love them.

I love M/M fiction...Eric Arvin, Kaje Harper, Eli Easton, Heidi Cullinan, Tj Klune, Amy Lane, Rhys Ford...and soooo many more, I can't get enough man-on-man action. :D

I also adore fantasy stories, from Harry Potter to Bella, Edward & Jacob (team Jacob BTW!!), from Clary and Jace and, the oh so magnificent, Magnus Bane to Locke Lamora and Jean Tannen and the rest of The Gentleman Bastards, from Kvothe to Tyrion....yep I love fantasy.

 TV wise I'm a Supernatural, Looking, Teen Wolf,  Being Human, Buffy, Big Bang, QI, GoT, True Blood fan - amongst others.  If it was books or TV though, books would win, hands down.

 I'm married with two amazing children, a heinz 57 dog and two 'rule the roost' cats (is there any other kind?).

 I also have a unicorn identity and that is Daisy Silver Damsel, but sssshhh, that's top secret....

Image copyright Natasha Snow

unless of course you've been to the Boy Meets Boy Reviews blog and you've met the unicorns...I blog under the name Lorix. I also have another author page for my YA writing, where I write under the name Lori Powell

And really that's all there is to know. :)

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