Tuesday, 27 October 2015

NineStar Press and Ballet

Okay, so the two things are in no way related, but it was either that or me apologising (again)  for my lack of blogging. Beautiful dancing is way more interesting than my apologies.

Firstly, have you guys seen Sergei Polunin dancing to Hozier's Take Me to Church? Just in case any of you have been under a rock, I'm linking it here because this video (by David LaChapelle) is honestly the most beautiful thing I've seen on YouTube. The mix of talents is perfect, and Sergei's dancing is mesmerising. Don't take my word for it - have a look-see yourselves. It is stunning. Absolutely stunning.

Okay...so NineStar Press. What is it I hear you ask... well let me tell you. NineStar is a new GBLTQ publisher that launches in 26 days. I've had a look around the site and there are several books I'm already planning on purchasing. I completely recommend checking it out (if for nothing more than being in with a chance to win a book a day for a year).

I'm particularly excited because I've had a Christmas novella accepted by NineStar Press for publication. Hear that sound - that's me still squeeing! For Want of a Christmas Miracle is out on the 7th of December and is available to pre-order now!

I owe a huge thank you to my editor, Sam, for being amazing and easing me into the world of publishing gently. If she laughed at my silly questions she did it quietly so I didn't feel like a complete doofus. Thanks Sam. 

When one down-on-his-luck gardener and one garden centre owner meet, neither could predict the attraction they’d feel towards each other. Toby is just about turning round the business he’d inherited from his dad, and it’s all going well—until a risk he took looks like it might not pay off. Rhys’s employment at Toby’s garden centre is temporary, just to cover the Christmas sales, and frankly he’d much rather be outside gardening. And avoiding Christmas.

When an accident means Toby can’t be at work at a crucial time, it’s time for Rhys to step up to the mark. But can the Christmas Scrooge make the difference required for the man he’s starting to love?

Image copyright NineStar Press

This is hopefully not the last of Rhys and Toby so I hope you enjoy meeting them.

Take care,

Olley x

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