Thursday, 9 July 2015

The Quiet Within and The Best Man

Oh wow - I'm a slacking slacker who slacks when it comes to this blogging malarkey. So what news do I have to catch you up with...
Firstly, The Quiet Within is available as a download from the MM group on Goodreads. I hope to have it up on Smashwords, ARe, Amazon etc soon.

The whole experience was as amazing as last year, the whole team behind this event are amazing. I cannot imagine how many wine-fuelled man hours go into running this whole event! My thanks to them goes beyond words.

Secondly, I've not even mentioned the second prompt I was lucky enough to pick up, have I? Okay, so this is the prompt and prompt letter:

Dear Author,

What is our story? How did I fall for someone so different from me? All I know is he makes me laugh and he makes me feel more alive than I’ve ever felt.

Please have fun with the prompt and feel free to take it in whatever direction you would like. I would prefer something sweet, but it’s not a requirement. Please, nothing too kinky.



How great is that??

Well the story I've written for it is called The Best Man and it's been submitted, currently waiting the scrutiny of an editor. Here is the cover that little old me designed for it.

As soon as it's available I'll let you know.

Thanks to everyone who reads my stories and especially thanks for those who take time to review them, I really appreciate all opinions - good, bad and ugly, they all help me with my writing.

Olley xx

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