Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy 2015!


Wow, 2015...where the heck does time go? I just wanted to take a quick minute to thank anyone and everyone who supported my writing in 2014. For me it was the year of dipping my toe into publishing waters. Self-published, but the various stories I have out there have been read by more people than I ever imagined. It kind of blows my mind really when I think about the numbers of people who have read my words. It's not just my sister anymore!

More than that, it is amazing the time people take to review and comment on my work. I so appreciate this - obviously good reviews have me grinning from ear-to-ear, even if they are always received with a Really? They're talking about my work? at the back of my mind. I'll blame it on the Brit in me, the one who finds accepting praise hard. (Hey, on my driving test I started telling the instructor all the reasons why I thought he should have failed me. It just doesn't come naturally to me!)

It's also the reviews that say This story wasn't for me, that I appreciate too. Honest feedback, however it comes, is absolutely priceless to me. Knowing readers thoughts is a great place to start improving my writing. I'll always write like me - but if several reviews say x, y or z, then I know I need to seriously think about those areas.

Whoa - so, rambling aside, I'm really just saying thank you everyone. This time last year I wouldn't have believed I could have achieved what I have. This year my goal is to actually send something to a publisher...eek! Wish me luck. And on that note I'm putting here my book related resolutions. I never really have set out resolutions before - I generally just have some vague notion at the back of my mind of what I would like to do, a vague notion usually completely forgotten a week into the year. So here, for me and for you, are my seven intended resolutions:

  1. To write everyday. Be it a little or a lot - even a little adds up!
  2. To finish my two WIPS.
  3. To send at least one thing to a publisher. By one thing, I mean a full length novel.  
  4. To enter Love's Landscapes again - best time ever - with both a prompt and as an author.
  5. To read everything on my ereaders before purchasing new stuff....(this one is probably going to be  a complete FAIL!)
  6. To carry on reading and reviewing and sharing my love of books at BMBR (hey unicorns,!) And to spread the word of authors I love. 
  7. To keep this and my Lori Powell blog updated more regularly!
Okay - so all of you, I hope 2015 brings everything you wish for and is full of love, happiness and good books.

Love and hugs and hugest thanks,

Olley x


  1. Good luck with your seven'll gonna need it (hehe)

  2. That I will Lorraine! But thank you. xx