Monday, 3 November 2014

Member's Choice Award Nominations.....Wow & Thank You.

I'm absolutely gobsmacked - and thrilled - that Game On has been nominated, in two categories, for the Goodreads M/M Romance, Member's Choice Awards. 

It has been nominated for Best Gay/Out For You and Best Love's Landscapes Story. Voting starts 28/11/14 - if you enjoyed Game On and would like to vote for it, you need to be a member of the Goodreads M/M group.

What happens when all your expectations are blown out of the water?

Max is finally meeting his his on-line gaming friend. 5t3ff is everything Max wanted in a girl, funny, kind and a good gamer. He's never felt such a connection with anyone and he's hoping that the friendship they have might move to something more. When 5t3ff turns out to be Stefan and not Stephanie, Max has to reassess his feelings. Or does he? Can love just be love, regardless of gender? And can the two boys ignore the labels long enough to find out?

A funny, quirky, thoroughly British story about two friends falling in love.

Game On is a free story, available at Smashwords, ARe and Amazon.


  1. Hi _ Ive just read Game On - I Loved it - the way you captured the inner turmoil of the two characters, esp Max, who wasn't expecting that to happen. I enjoyed the depth of the characters too, very believable. I was very happy to see there is a 1.5 version as I was dying to continue the story. Maybe a Game On 2? Thank you for helping me endure a miserable commute!

    1. Thank you Scott - this comment made my day!

      I'm glad you enjoyed Game On, hope you enjoy First Time too (it's very short I'm afraid :) ) I have no current plans for a Game On 2, but I never say never and I am very fond of Max and Stefan myself!