Monday, 6 October 2014

Fighting Dirty Too - free on Smashwords.

A week at an outdoor centre, team-building, is not Ethan Reed's idea of fun. If he's to stand any chance of the promotion he desires though, he needs to do this course. Everyone knows Ethan prefers to spend his days drawing, not running and climbing, but Ethan has a secret. A fear that nobody knows about.

Charlie Fitzwilliam, Fitz to all and sundry, was the man of Ethan's dreams a decade ago. Unfortunately, Ethan's dreams were the only place Fitz had ever been. Now, ten years on, they meet by chance and are placed on opposing teams. A bet is placed and Ethan's pride is at stake.

A week in the English countryside may not seem too hellish on paper, but it seems ghosts from Ethan's past are determined to haunt him. Can he face his fears and Fitz? Enemies, friends or more - what does fate have in store?

Fighting Dirty Too is now available at Smashwords for FREE!

This is the second story I wrote for the first prompt I claimed for the Goodreads, Don't Read in the Closet, Love's Landscapes event. Confused = yeah me too!

I claimed two prompts fort he Love's Landscapes event, the first resulted in Fighting Dirty, and the second in Game On (and it's sexy short, First Time). Before I wrote Fighting Dirty though, I'd started another story for the prompt - but it didn't feel quite right to me. I liked what I was writing, it just didn't fit the prompt exactly. So I put it on hold and wrote the story I submitted, however, I promised Tina, the author of the prompt, that I would finish my first story for her. And the result is Fighting Dirty Too. The main characters' names are the same but nothing else is. I hope you all enjoy this prompt alternative, found free on Smashwords. 

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