Thursday, 18 September 2014

A favour, a favour...pretty please.

Hi guys...I'm here to ask a favour....

Game On, First Time, Fighting Dirty and In Deeper are all available for free at Smashwords (yay). My intention is for these stories to be free in all places - however, Amazon does not have a facility for an author to make the book free. The lowest price we can choose is $0.99, which is about 77p.

There is a way though, and it's people power. Or reader power. If readers go to the Amazon page selling the books, under the Product Information section there is an option to tell Amazon about the book being sold cheaper elsewhere. I've highlighted it in yellow on the screen image I've put below.

Readers in America have kindly done this for Game On and it is now free on This doesn't carry across all the Amazon sites though.

When you click on the tell us about a lower price tab it opens a window,  asking where you saw the lower price. If you click the on-line option it will ask for a URL and price option. The price will be 0.00, and I will put the URL's below, for copy and pasting purposes.

Thank you in advance to anyone who helps me out - I would much rather all these stories were available for free.


Game On:
Smashwords URL:

First Time (Game On 1.5):
Smashwords URL:

Fighting Dirty:
Smashwords URL:

In Deeper:
Smashwords URL:

Amazon screen image.

Product details

Format: Kindle Edition

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