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Not in the Job Description by Olley White

The 12th of June seemed a very good day to write a story, a very good day to sit and read. Here is what I wrote for my unicorn(s).

My inspiration can be found here and here.

Not in the Job Description.
It was a lonely life, but the pay was good and for a single man it seemed like the perfect option. At least that was how Elliott had felt five years ago when he’d started this job. Money, fancy hotels and one night stands was all he’d seen when he’d taken the position...but what do you spend money on when you’re constantly on the road? Nice clothes, an expensive car, fabulous food. They were just things after a time. It doesn’t take long before one fancy schmancy hotel room blended into another, or for each short lived fling to merge into the next. Living the dream was how it had been described, how his friends saw it – hell how he’d seen it just a few short years ago. Now it felt like a nightmare. A well paid, expensive nightmare, but a nightmare nonetheless.

Harry was the one saving grace. His work partner and the person he had spent most time with over the past five years. Harry was tall, dark and brooding – until you got to know him and then mischievous and fun entered the mix.

In their day-to-day working lives there was no room for laughs, they were tolerated at best and loathed at worst by the office staff they were there to inspect and check. Elliott could understand it, he’d hate to have someone sweep in and check he was doing his job properly. Watching him for mistakes and giving advice. He wouldn’t like the person who had the power to persuade the CEO a demotion was in order. He wouldn’t like the person who suggested office closures and job losses. But this was his job and, loathed or not, he was there to do it properly. Harry kept him sane.

Elliott glanced at his watch, three more hours and they’d be out of here, then it was a week off before the next office they were to inspect. The afternoon passed quickly as he finalised his report and recommendations. Liaising with Harry he crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s on their findings and pressed send on his report. The CEO would receive it later and the suggestions would be implemented within the fortnight. The staff knew it as well and the hate-filled looks they got as they said goodbye to the senior management were no different than they were at the last job or would be at the next one. It seemed Elliott was wondering more and more if the money was really worth it all.

“Ready?” asked Harry, pulling on his jacket and picking up his briefcase. Elliott nodded, shook hands once more with the senior manager, and they left the building together. Carefully they walked side by side – not too close, not too far apart. Not until they were in the car could they drop their guard.

The euphoria of another job finished spilled over once they were in the car and while they were still careful not to be seen, once Harry had started the engine and pulled out of the parking space, Elliott let his hand trail a path up from Harry’s knee to his groin. The fine-wool suit was smooth under his hand and Harry’s cock was twitching for his touch by the time he’d reached it.

“Oh god, yes,” Harry muttered grinding lightly into the contact while still manoeuvring the car. The hotel was less than fifteen minutes away by road, and by the time they’d pulled into the parking space both of them were rock hard and slightly breathless. Making it through reception without incident was a practised move; ignoring each other, and looking like every other bored business man became second nature after a while. Anticipation of what was to come tampered down until the lift doors shut. As soon as they closed Harry wordlessly pushed Elliott back, trapping him with his body to the side of the lift. Ready to spring away if the lift stopped to let anyone else on, he claimed his partner’s mouth with his own. There was no teasing or want, it was lust and need and a promise of what was to come.

It took seconds to get from the lift to Elliott’s room and, as soon as the door was locked, Harry found Elliott’s mouth again. Coffee and heat and a slick flick of tongue. Elliott felt his knees weaken and his cock harden just as it had every time Harry had kissed him in the last six months. Fingers deftly removed his tie and then undid the buttons of his jacket and shirt. He stood there topless as a hot mouth sucked lightly at his neck. Teeth gently grazed his sensitive skin and caressed his earlobe. Shivers ran down his spine and his dick strained against the fine fabric of his trousers.

No words were exchanged as Harry explored Elliott’s torso with his mouth. Elliott longed for Harry to find his nipples – but he knew if he asked Harry would tease him mercilessly. As it was he was sucking, nipping and circling the hardened skin there. A stroke of tongue across the taut nub and every nerve in his body zinged in reply. Hands rubbed over the material covering his stiffened cock and Elliott leaned into the touch. Harry’s mouth played with his nipple until Elliott couldn’t stop himself from crying out. Slowly Harry undid Elliott’s belt and unzipped his trousers and gently slid them off. His pants followed and Elliott was standing there naked and hard and totally under Harry’s spell.

“You’re so beautiful,” Harry stood back and let his eyes sweep Elliott’s body. It didn’t matter how many times he did that, or how many times he told him he was beautiful, Elliott would never get used to it. Smiling Elliott leaned forward, gripped Harry’s neck and pulled him into another kiss. Releasing his mouth he turned away, moving towards the small en-suite. The shower was hot and quick and by the time Harry was undressed Elliott was drying himself on a soft white towel. By the time Harry was out of the shower, droplets glistening along his body in the light of the lamp, Elliott was spread out on the bed, every part of him exposed, every part of him waiting.

Harry leaned over him, sucking Elliott’s dick straight into his mouth. Heat surged through Elliott and he arched up. Fingers brushed his nipples again and he moaned low in his throat. He let his own hands caress the bits of Harry’s body he could reach until Harry moved up seeking another kiss.

Their cocks rubbed together. Frotting and touching.  Mouths meeting and searching, nipping and sucking. Wanting and wanton and lust. 

Elliott reached for the lubricant and johnny he’d got out ready. He slicked the slippery gel between them, sheathed Harry’s cock, and waited for Harry to fill him. The breath went out of him as Harry slowly pushed in. Slow and gentle and setting every nerve in Elliott’s body on fire. He’d waited four long years for Harry to notice him and when he finally had, all his dreams had come true. The funny, handsome man had segued almost effortlessly from work- colleague to friend and Elliott had hidden his longing in fear of ruining that. It had taken time and patience and the realisation that letting fear hold him back could lead to a lifetime of half-lived dreams before he’d dared make a move. One simple kiss was all it had taken. One simple kiss that had been filled with the truth.

Now, every push forward and slow pull out reminded him of the first time they’d given into the desire that had built between them. Every brush of the special place inside was as thrilling as the first one. Time had only made better what he’d feared losing for so long. 
He lifted his legs higher and wrapped his arms tighter. Together they thrust and loved and lit a flame. Looking directly into the dark, lust-filled depths of Harry’s eyes Elliott could feel the familiar tightening in his balls. The world narrowed until it was purely made up of Harry and panting breaths and hardening thrusts. Skin on skin, smooth, soft gentle and hard. Hard. Harder. Harder. White lightening and they both came together, hollowed moans of lust, of desire spent, bodies exhausted but minds still wanting.
They kissed and cleaned each other and lay together in the dim light of the room. Elliott remembered the bravery he had found to first kiss Harry. How that moment had felt like time both expanded and shrunk. It would soon be time to find that bravery again. It would soon be time to let Harry know that an endless life of ever changing hotels was no longer enough. That he wanted more. He wanted Harry all the time. It was nearly time to let him know. Soon, but not yet.
“I love you,” he said, turning and facing the best friend he’d ever had. 
“I love you too,” Harry replied softly twining their limbs together. Elliot smiled as sleep crept in, the naked body of his lover resting lightly against his own. This hadn’t been in the job description but as far as he was concerned it was the best damn part.

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