Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Geeking Out on 11c by LL Bucknor

I've mentioned before that I have had the chance to read/beta some of the Love's Landscapes stories. Geeking Out on 11c by LL Bucknor is one of them. Here is my review, as posted previously on Goodreads.

Image by Natasha Snow

Five Stars

What did I think - I think I loved the HELL out of this book. Firstly Ed, oh my god...geeky and so freaking gorgeous with his shyness and social awkwardness. I wish I lived next door to him. I mean he has a fish called Atari, kinda 'nuf said.

Then Mateo - be still my beating heart. Funny and not at all awkward, not to mention not lacking in the old looks department. Mateo's attraction to Ed is just so damn lovely. I kinda like that hot dude falling for the geek - mainly because the geek is never quite as undesirable as they themselves believe. I love that Mateo cares enough to bear with Ed, to coax him out of his shell.

LL Bucknor writes some funny stuff. Like seriously funny stuff - one of my favourite lines;

"Edgar put his hands in front of his fly and tried to move away. “Very sorry. I’m wet. I mean, you made me wet.” Nope, not any better. Now, he sounded like a pervert. “You didn’t make me wet.""

See what I mean. Stories like this make me love this even even more. I mean it's amazing and it's free. Win, win. I CANNOT wait to read more from this author. Like really can't wait.

I can't go without mentioning the awesome cover by Natasha Snow. I may have drooled like a fucking idiot over it admired it's artisticness for a little while today.

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