Saturday, 16 August 2014

Game On

I've been quite overwhelmed with the reviews for Game On - and Fighting Dirty. I would like to thank everyone who has reviewed, commented on or read and rated either of these stories, I really, really appreciate it.

One totally caught my eye though. Alvin John wrote a fabulous review that I really wanted to share with you here it is!

4 stars


This worked tremendously well for me!!!

I loved everything about it! First, is the prompt! The picture used was so awesome. Gay gamer lovers FTW!!! Imba!!! :D Then the cover, it's very cool and catchy! 

The story was wonderful! Everything about it, the characters, the way they met (which is one of the most awesome first dates I've read), Max realization of his feelings for Stefan, their journey, their epiphany, the start of their wasperfect and incredibly adorable . I felt really damn good while reading this. And it was also hard to put down!

Also, even if there ****spoiler****was barely any explicit sex in this one****** , I wasn't frustrated. And I feel Max GFY journey was honest and believable. I really liked the GFY aspect of it. Especially when Max decided that he wanted Stefan? OH MY GOD. I melted. I loved Max then!

The only thing that holds me back for giving it a perfect rating was I'm not sure if the story is memorable enough. I mean I'm not sure if it's as memorable as to those I have given 5 stars to. 

By the way I like to special mention one of my favorite moments in the book, when they did this:

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Enjoy!!! :D


  1. Thank you Olley for sharing my review! Game On was wonderful! That's why I'm inspired to make the review. To the readers, read it!!! It's aca-awesome!