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Truth or Dare?

Waaaay back in May, Poppy Sweet Mare celebrated in proper Unicorn style another of course I wrote a little bit of porn literature for her. With the Love's Landscapes event I've not had a chance to post it yet...but here now for your perusal is Truth or Dare?. Enjoy.

My inspiration can be found here and here.

‘Okay Carrie truth or dare?’ Jim asked the bubbly blonde girl sitting next to him.
‘Dare,’ she said, pretty predictably. ‘Okay, kiss the next person who walks out the pub.’ Carrie giggled and they all watched from the back of the beer garden to see who would come out. Not long after, one of the office girls and her boyfriend came out and Carrie ran up to them. She whispered something in the girl’s ear and a grin appeared on her face and they all watched the two play tonsil tennis for a couple of minutes. The look on the boyfriend’s face was priceless and Nathaniel nearly snapped a picture on his phone to show Carrie later. Instead he took another sip of his pint and glanced over at Tommy. The other man was watching him and grinned as their eyes met; a jolt of pure lust went straight to Nathaniel’s groin. They might all be playing truth or dare, but he and Tommy were also playing their own game. The trouble was, Tommy had instigated it and Nathaniel wasn’t quite sure how it was going to end.
‘Okay, I choose Tommy,’ said Carrie as she came back to the table to a chorus of wolf whistles. ‘Truth or dare Tommy?’ He chose dare and found himself eating a large spoonful of hot English mustard. Laughter and gagging could be heard from the table but when his eyes had finished streaming and he’d downed half his orange juice, he asked the question to Nathaniel, as Nathaniel had known he would.
‘Truth,’ Nathaniel chose.
‘What’s the kinkiest place you’ve ever had sex?’ Tommy asked eyebrow raised, waiting for the answer.
‘In the kitchen,’ Nathaniel answered, knowing that it was very boring. Again laughter and some jeers followed – but Tommy just smiled straight at Nathaniel. A smile that suggested that was exactly what Tommy had wanted to hear, though Nathaniel couldn’t for the life of him think why.
And so the game went on. Gemma had to bare her boobs and David flashed his bum. Both Darren and Evie had to rub ice across their chests and Luke stood on the table and sang at the top of his voice. Jack, fully dressed, simulated sex on an empty bench. Harrison confessed to nineteen lovers and Rose pretended to have an orgasm. Truth after truth and dare after dare were chosen and, as the night went on, the group got smaller and smaller as people went home – too tired, too drunk, or too horny to stay.
Soon it was just Tommy, Nathaniel, Laura and Ben. ‘Truth or dare?’ Laura asked Nathaniel. Nathaniel picked truth again.
‘What is your wildest fantasy?’ she asked. A shiver ran through Nathaniel – dare he really admit his wildest fantasy? Dare he really tell them what he longed for? Ben was dozing on the table and Laura’s eyes were darting rapidly here and there, a sure sign she’d consumed more drink than she should have. Tommy however, Tommy was looking directly at him and there was no disguising the lust in his look. Feeling bold Nathaniel returned the gaze. ‘To be naked and have sex, somewhere in public. To have my hands tied and be at the wish and whim of whoever I was with. To be teased...that’s my most secret fantasy.’ His voice was low and gravely and thick with desire and want. It may as well been just him and Tommy there – the air between them was thick with desire.
Nathaniel wished they were alone and the deity’s must have been listening because Ben snored a little. Looking at him sideways, in a tipsy unfocused stare, Laura woke him. ‘C’m on,’ she slurred before she left, dragging him with her and calling a drunken ‘laters’ as she went. Nathaniel wasn’t ready to give up yet though, wasn’t ready to give in to the base longing vibrating inside of him.
The flirting with Tommy had been going on for weeks. Subtle at first, so subtle Nathaniel had barely noticed what was happening. Then, as time went on and days passed into weeks it had become more and more obvious. The trouble was they’d been friends a while and Nathaniel hadn’t been sure if he was ready to cross the line. Tonight though, tonight he felt as though the line had already been crossed and the cock straining inside his jeans was refusing to be quietened any longer.
The moon was bright overhead and the sound of music drifted out from inside the pub. The sounds of people, the sounds of life - but here, in this garden they were virtually alone. ‘Truth or dare?’ he asked Tommy and, in the quiet of the pub garden, where roses bobbed in the gentle breeze he paused. Then, grinning shyly he asked the question again, stressing slightly the second word. ‘Truth or dare, Tommy?’
‘Dare.’ Tommy said instantly, watching Nathaniel, a look of anticipation on his face that nearly made Nathaniel come right then and there. He swallowed deeply – would he have the guts to ask? He took a breath and said, ‘I dare you to make my fantasy come true.’

Tommy’s breath hitched in his throat but his gaze never once faltered. ‘Are you sure?’ he asked and at Nathaniel’s nod he swallowed deeply. ‘Fine, then I want you to start stripping, I’ll be back in a moment. Oh and move to the table nearest the bushes.’ Nathaniel’s pupils were so large and his erection so obvious against the fabric of his jeans Tommy found it hard to move away from the table they’d occupied to find something suitable to bind Nathaniel’s hands with. Then he remembered seeing a bright orange silk scarf his sister had left in his car and he went to retrieve it. Thanking god that he’d decided to drive and not drink tonight, he hurried back to Nathaniel. Nathaniel who never drank more than a pint. Nathaniel who was waiting naked for him in the garden. Even the thought drew out a moan from him.
As he made his way round an arch covered with sweet smelling honeysuckle the breath caught in his throat. Nathaniel faced away from him but moonlight highlighted the contours of a soft, peachy backside. The long, lean lines of his torso and the thick muscled thighs and calves were bathed in an ethereal glow. Tommy had never seen anything more delicious in his life.
‘Put your hands behind your back,’ he said as he moved silently towards Nathaniel. Flowers on the rambling rose bush in front of Nathaniel bobbed lightly in the gentle night breeze. The bush was all that sheltered them from the road behind and the sound of those leaving the pub, or walking home from town, drifted over the top of it.
‘Don’t turn around,’ Tommy murmured and very gently he bound Nathaniel’s hands with the scarf. ‘Now turn slowly to me.’ He watched greedily as Nathaniel turned, he could see the other man alert to the sound of laughter drifting over the hedge and obviously turned on by being naked so close to strangers. When Nathaniel finally faced Tommy, his body laid bare for Tommy’s own eyes only, vulnerable and proud, all at the same time, Tommy’s power of speech virtually disappeared.
It was all he was able to say. Nathaniel was beautiful. His chest was defined and smooth, his stomach flat and his cock delectable. Hard, and glistening with pre-come, it was all Tommy could do not shoot his own load right then and there. Nathaniel’s eyes were hooded as he watched Tommy watch him. Slowly Tommy raised his hand and ran just one finger from the top of the other man’s chest down to his naval. Nathaniel breathed slowly. Trembling slightly as the light touch passed over his body his eyes followed Tommy’s finger. Leaning forward Tommy kissed Nathaniel’s neck, sucking lightly and letting his teeth graze gently across the skin. Nathaniel shivered and a small moan escaped his mouth.
Tommy stood back and admired the wanton figure Nathaniel presented, naked and bound in the moonlight. His head was thrown back and his lips ever so slightly parted. Reaching behind him, Tommy carefully plucked a rose from the bush and ran the petals across Nathaniel’s chest. He trailed the silky petals across the hardened nipples there. The groan that Nathaniel uttered was so delicious Tommy repeated the action, teasing lightly and enjoying the tortured moans he was able to elicit, until finally he replaced the flower with his mouth. Hands clasped on shoulders he sucked and bit until Nathaniel writhed beneath his touch. The sounds he drew from Nathaniel, the way the other man leaned into him, made Tommy’s cock harden further until he needed to undo his own jeans for some relief.
Behind the greenery cars whizzed past and laughter echoed. The sound of the heavy pub door opening then slamming shut carried effortlessly towards them. Then the sound of voices nearby, slurred conversation and the smell of cigarette smoke wafted over the roses. Tommy looked at Nathaniel and leaned slowly into him. He claimed his mouth in a kiss – a kiss so soft and gentle it was barely there. Then he leaned up whispered, ‘What if I was to leave now? What if I left you here like this for anyone to find?’ Nathaniel’s eyes opened but it wasn’t panic reflected in their moonlit irises, it was lust, pure and simple.
‘Would you like that Nathaniel? If I left you, naked and tied?’ Nathaniel just nodded then turned his head slightly as more laughter drifted towards them.
‘They’re sitting on the wall there,’ Tommy explained, ‘if I left you, you wouldn’t be able to go anywhere until they’d gone and there still might be a chance they’d find you. See you standing here, dick hard and proud for everyone to see.’
Nathaniel moaned again – slightly louder this time. ‘What was that?’ One of the voices from the bush said.
‘Didn’t hear anything mate,’ came the reply.
Smiling slyly Tommy gripped Nathaniel’s cock and stroked it. Using the pre-come that dripped from the hooded tip he stroked back down; a firm masterful caress. Not relaxing his grip he once again whispered to Nathaniel. ‘Or I could suck you off, right now, with people just inches away. You’d have to be quiet or they’d hear – they’d know what you were doing. What a dirty boy you are.’ The cock twitched in his hand and a moaned ‘Yes’ escaped Nathaniel’s mouth.
Once again Tommy found Nathaniel’s mouth – the kiss this time was hard and needy. He tang of orange and the rough of lips. Then he broke away and sunk to his knees. Collecting the pre-come on his finger he reached round and let his fingers graze over Nathaniel’s hole, not entering, just teasing. Then he took his cock into his mouth and sucked hard. He moved his mouth up and down, sucking and rubbing with his tongue. The salty liquid at the tip flooded his mouth with its flavour. Cupping Nathaniel’s balls with his spare hand he tugged and gently squeezed. Short pants of breath were coming from Nathaniel and Tommy could only imagine the effort he was making to not moan out-loud.
Then Nathaniel started fucking his mouth, pumping harder and deeper with each thrust and Tommy released his hold on the other man’s balls and reached into his own jeans. Grabbing his own dick he stroked at the same rhythm. Pressure built in the core of him, a longing, a need, a desire like none he’d felt before. As he thought he could stand it no more salty goodness filled his mouth and, at the taste, his own orgasm exploded. Neither man was silent in their ecstasy – and neither man cared.

As his orgasm faded, Nathaniel slowly came back to reality. The cold night air teased his aroused nipples as it blew playfully across his skin. Slowly he could focus on his surroundings; slowly his thoughts began to re-assemble. He watched the man kneeling in front of him – the man who had given him the single most erotic time of his life. As Tommy’s eyes found their own focus Nathaniel smiled at him.
‘Fuck,’ Tommy uttered. ‘Did they hear us?’
Nathaniel listened for a moment then shook his head, ‘I think they’ve gone,’ he said. Tommy stood and found Nathaniel’s mouth once more – this time, instead of orange juice, the other man’s mouth tasted musky. Hands ran down his body then reached behind him to let his wrists free. Once his binds were undone he clasped Tommy’s face and kissed him again, long and hard and rough.
‘Next time,’ he said as he pulled away, ‘next time you’re the one tied up.’

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