Monday, 23 June 2014

Punch Drunk Love by Nico Jaye & Fighting Dirty download available.

Fighting Dirty is available as a free download now.

As I mentioned before I was lucky enough to read some of the Loves Landscapes stories before they were released. Punch Drunk Love by Nico Jaye  was one of them. Here is my review as previously posted on Goodreads.

Cover design by Natasha Snow.

Nico Jaye calls this style of writing 'smuff' - fluff, with a side helping of smut. Smuff is the perfect 'pick-me-up' type of book, one for the garden with a glass of something yummy if it's hot, or for in front of the fire with a hot- chocolate and blanket if it's cold. And nobody writes it like Nico Jaye.

If you've enjoyed other works by this author I can guarantee you'll love this. Fun, sweet, sexy, hot - it's all there. I loved the bar scene especially. I mean - what's not to love. MINOR SPOILER (Hover mouse over the sentence to reveal) He dresses as a unicorn - y'all know unicorns hold a special place in my heart. ;) And GLITTER!

There are times when smuff just fits the bill and this book is absolutely perfect for them. I always know if I pick up a Nico Jaye book I'm going to enjoy it and this one in no way disappointed. A fun and happy read.

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