Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Loch & Chain

Daffodil Darling Reins had her birthday last week so I got out my (figurative) pen (actually sat at my computer but it's just not as poetic) and wrote her some smut an interesting little piece about the uses of kilts. *insert winky emoticon here*

There is nothing like browsing some hot guys in kilts to get your (creative) juices flowing.....

As ever, links to my 'inspiration' are here and here.

Enjoy....and feel free to leave comments, I'd love to hear from y'all!

Loch & Chain

It’s not a good idea if you thought of it drunk. This, Toby MacDonald decided as he self consciously adjusted his kilt, was going to be the tattoo he got next. Someplace where he could see it clearly – though with whisky vision even that might not work. Sighing loudly, he grabbed his bag and let the door slam shut on his way out. Of all the stupid, drunken ideas he’d ever had, this had to be the worst. More than the worst, the sky dive he’d done last time his rugby team had been talking about raising money was a walk in the park compared to this. How the fuck did he come up with these crazy ideas?
He was still questioning his sanity, as well as the possibility of giving up drinking for good, when he made his way towards the rest of his team on the gently sloping loch side. Most of them he noted as he crossed the grass looked as self conscious as he felt. Something told him it was going to be an expensive evening in the local tonight.
‘Alright lads?’ he asked, feigning a little confidence, ‘sorry I’m late, what’s the plan?’
‘We’re just waiting for Jock to set up the camera, he’s the one with the artistic knowledge and skills,’ said Cam, his best friend and business partner.
‘What are we going to do first – the safe for work or the not safe for work one?’ Toby grimaced at the thought of his meat and veg being on display for all and sundry to see.
Cameron shrugged. ‘I don’t know whether I want to get the nude ones over and done with or build up to it slowly.’
‘Och lads, I don’t know what you’re so worried about,’ said Lachlan White, stripping off this coat and flinging his t-shirt aside. With a taut, muscled stomach and well defined abs Lachlan oozed confidence in his partial nakedness and Toby’s breath caught in his throat – as it did every single time Lachlan stripped. The man was beautiful. Suddenly Toby could see the advantage of a kilt and no underwear. His twitching cock was unrestrained by tight underpants or trousers, and the sporran at the front hid even a half hard cock. For the first time since he’d donned the strange outfit he was pleased to be wearing it.
‘You know, we see more of each other in the changing rooms than we’re going to on this photo shoot,’ Lachlan continued, rooting through his bag for something, ‘I don’t know what you’re all so hung up about.’
‘We’re revealing our family jewels in pictures anyone in the world can buy,’ said Craig, the youngest of the rugby team and currently looking a bit green around the gills.
Lachlan snorted, ‘It’s not as if we’re going for full frontal nudity or porn star poses – most of Thistlewood has seen your arse anyway Craig, you moony every time you’ve got a drink or two in you.’ Chuckles of agreement sounded in the small group and Toby was relieved that Lachlan seemed to be easing their anxieties. Tension oozed away even more when he pulled out a small silver hip flask and passed it round. Toby wished he’d thought of it.
‘Okay lads, listen up,’ Jock shouted. ‘You will be with the same people in each picture and I’ll call you when I need you. Half of you are going with Glen, half of you are staying with me. Once your pictures are done you can piss off, there’s no need to hang around.’ Glancing at a clipboard his assistant Glen was holding in front of him, he began to put the men into groups of twos and threes. Toby’s hands started to sweat when he heard his name paired with Lachlan’s. Seriously, of all twenty-one players and subs he got paired with Lachlan – the man he’d had a love/hate relationship with since he’d joined their team a month ago. That’s to say his head (mostly) hated him, with his cocky, snarky attitude – but his dick loved him, mainly for all the same reasons. It didn’t matter how many times he told his cock he wasn’t interested, it didn’t listen and the thoughts he had to force out of his head when Lachlan was around just to stop himself sporting a woody..... how was he going to spend an entire day with him nearly naked and not embarrass himself?
Once half the group had disappeared with Glen to god knows where, Jock started speaking again. ‘Okay, I’m taking David and Thomas first; they’re going to be April’s picture.’ Loud jeers erupted from everyone who wasn’t David and Thomas.
‘Och, come on then David, show us how it’s done,’ called Jonathon, David’s younger brother, as a brilliant red flush crept up David’s neck.
‘Lads you’re more than welcome to come and watch the photographs being taken, if you’re interested in the artistic integrity of it,’ said Jock and at least half of the remaining men laughed and shuffled forward, ‘however, if you are watching, out of respect to the models you will also be asked to remove your clothes. I am not having anyone taking the piss. Who’s coming with us?’ At that everyone took a silent step back. ‘I thought as much,’ said Jock grinning, ‘come on lads,’ and David and Thomas followed Jock to the first location. The good thing about the loch was that there were enough different backdrops within a couple of miles that it made a very convenient spot to congregate.
The hours ticked by and whoever was still waiting for their turn lounged around on deck chairs and blankets, playing cards, listening to iPods, reading and chatting. A cool breeze blew but the June sun was warm, even this far north, and they were comfortable in t-shirts and kilts. Lachlan had put his shirt back on, much to Toby’s relief. It took roughly an hour for each picture to be set up and taken then the models, relieved they’d got theirs over with, grinned goodbye to those remaining with promises of meeting them in the pub later. Toby looked at the remains of make-up they were wiping from their faces and sighed internally, each time, at how stupid this idea really was.
When Stuart, Cameron and Declan were called away leaving just Toby and Lachlan together, Toby’s nerves suddenly kicked in again. He stared desolately at the cards in his hands, seemingly completely unable to work out if they added up to twenty-one or not. Concentration completely gone he threw them onto the blanket with a sigh.
‘I don’t know why you’re so worried Toby,’ Lachlan said, uncharacteristically quietly as he gathered the dropped cards and put them back in the packet, ‘your body isn’t one to be ashamed of.’
Toby snapped his head up trying to discern exactly what Lachlan meant by that. For once though there was no teasing or sarcasm written across Lachlan’s face, just a soft smile and understanding. Toby screwed his eyes shut – it was difficult enough to ignore the reaction Lachlan caused when he was being an annoying, egotistical, snarky git, if he started being nice Toby didn’t really stand a chance.
‘So I guess I’d better get ready,’ said Lachlan jumping up and Toby watched stunned as he shoved the cards away and pulled out a small bottle and a length of chain. It kind of looked like one of those horrible choke chain leads for dogs, but there were too many bits. He let it fall to the floor in front of him and started rubbing a little bit of oil over his chest.
‘What the fuck are you doing?’ asked Toby, mouth gaping open.
‘If these calendars are going to be pinned across the town and maybe further, I want to look my best. Come on, help me with my back.’ And so Toby found himself rubbing oil into the smooth skin of Lachlan’s back - thanking the gods and whoever had invented kilts, most sincerely and with all his heart.

‘Okay you two,’ said Jock, when it was just the three of them left. You’re September’s picture and I want to catch you in the setting sun – this means we don’t have a lot of time so you need to listen.’ They both nodded. ‘The concept is simple – it will be the same photo taken, but in one you’ll have your kilts on and in the next you won’t.’ Again they both nodded. ‘While I’m getting the camera set up Lachlan can you rub a little of that oil into Toby’s back too, please? As we’re working with partial light I’m not too worried about make-up, but the oil will work well. Then Toby, you can fit the chains round Lachlan, I like those very much.’
The touch of Lachlan’s strong fingers sliding across his back went straight to Toby’s groin and when the oil slicked hands made their way over his shoulders and down his front he was unable to contain a quiet moan. A wicked smile lit up Lachlan’s face and his fingers slowly teased the oil across Toby’s nipples. Hardening under the other man’s touch Toby groaned again then snatched the bottle. ‘I’m perfectly capable of doing my own front, thank you very much,’ he said, tipping oil into trembling hands and spilling it – proving just how incapable he actually was. At least in the presence of this man. Lachlan just smirked annoyingly and fitted his own chains on. The sight of the links draped across Lachlan’s body and the silver loop circling his nipple was enough to give Toby a full blown erection. He prayed the day end quickly and turned towards Jock.
‘Okay, it’s a simple one lads, you’ll be sitting sitting on the rug, looking over the loch.’ Following him over to where a small wooden jetty jutted out over the water, they listened to his directions and sat where he put them. Two fishing lines were set up to the side of the shot but, according to Jock, they were to ignore them.
‘Okay, Lachlan, lean your left arm on Toby’s right shoulder, that’s it move right up next to each other.’
Shivers ran down Toby’s spine that had nothing to do with the slight breeze that was now blowing and everything to do with Lachlan touching him – however innocent it was. Jock twisted their faces and manipulated their hands until he was finally happy with their position. ‘Right lads, I’m going to shoot several photos, the light is perfect right now but the sun is sinking fast – I don’t want complete silhouettes. When I say, I need you to get out of your kilts, keep your boots on and sit in exactly the same position, do you hear?’ Both men nodded and Toby willed his erection to go away.
His body apparently hated him though, because the clothed photos were over far too quickly and it was time to shrug out of their kilts.
‘Holy fuck,’ said Lachlan looking unashamedly at Toby, ‘that had better be for me big boy and not some weird nature kink.’ Toby flushed and looked over to where Jock was fiddling with the camera.
‘He’s not watching,’ Lachlan whispered in his ear as they sat down on the rug, his cock semi-hard too. ‘How about we stay a little while, once Jock’s packed up.’ The whispered words did nothing to help Toby’s straining erection.
‘Yes,’ he whispered back breathlessly,’ now for fuck’s sake shut up.’
Maggie Thatcher, Maggie Thatcher, Maggie Thatcher.... Toby chanted the mantra over and over again in his mind, willing his hard on to subside before Jock looked over. It softened enough that it wasn’t too obvious and he let Lachlan manipulate them both into the same pose as earlier.
The setting sun glowed red in the sky and thankfully Jock managed to get the pictures done quickly.
‘Don’t worry lads, the pictures aren’t quite x-rated,’ said Jock, ‘I’m not really a voyeur. So I’m going to leave you alone now and just ask that you wash the blanket before you return it to me.’
‘Sure thing,’ said Lachlan running his hands over Toby’s chest. As rough calluses skimmed his sensitive nipples Toby was too horny to be embarrassed. ‘Ungh,’ was all he could manage in return to Jock’s chuckled goodbye.
Shyness wasn’t in Lachlan’s make-up it seemed, as the car door hadn’t even slammed shut before he was leaning over Toby and nipping lightly at his neck.
‘You’re such a fucking tease,’ he growled lightly breathing softly into Toby’s ear. ‘I’ve wanted to fuck you since the first time I saw you, but you’re all friendly one minute and stand offish the next.’
‘Ungh,’ Toby repeated - the power of speech seemingly gone from him.
Lachlan sucked harder at his neck, ‘A little tease that needs to see what taunting me brings him.’ Toby just groaned louder as Lachlan’s hand rubbed down his stomach and over his erection. He thrust up into Lachlan’s hand, but those long, swift fingers were gone, returning up his body to play with his nipples again.
Lacing his hands behind Lachlan’s head Toby pulled him up his body until their mouth met. Rough, hungry kisses were exchanged, nothing gentle or soft or sweet. Tongues swept together, heated and passionate.
‘I want you so badly,’ Toby mumbled into Lachlan’s mouth. ‘So fucking much.’ Lachlan answered him by kissing harder. His stubble scratched at Toby and was a sharp contrast to the soft mouth enveloping his. He gripped the chains encasing Lachlan’s torso and pulled him down then rutted against him. Pre-come and oil smeared between them, hands and mouths and teeth stroked and sucked and nibbled. Toby was soon lost in the haze of a building orgasm, that pressure in the centre of his body, that feeling of every nerve being directly linked to his balls, the blinding whiteness that crept to the edge of his mind.
Then Lachlan stopped and fumbled with his sporran. ‘Hold that thought,’ he said, his voice hoarse, his mouth rubbed red from kissing. Toby groaned softly and lifted his legs, baring himself for Lachlan. Soon fingers teased pleasingly until Toby begged Lachlan to fuck him.
‘Please Lachlan, I need you.’ He spread himself open and his arse stretched welcomingly round Lachlan’s cock. Desire tore through the core of him as they started pumping together. Slowly at first, then fast and hard and desperately. It wasn’t enough.
‘Harder,’ he uttered, barely able to speak, thrusting upwards. With an animal like groan Lachlan gripped him tight and fucked him hard. The world around them was lost, all they knew was each other, pumping and thrusting until, as the stars finally came out overhead, hot come spilt between them.
They’d finally found enough energy to move – straight into the frigid loch to clean themselves a little. Wrapped together in Jock’s blanket Toby looked up at the stars. The stillness of the loch, with its imposing mountain backdrop was so peaceful – it reminded him why he loved the little Scottish town he lived in.
‘So,’ he started, breaking the silence. ‘So – do you think you’d like to do that again sometime?’
‘Sometime?’ asked Lachlan – I’m thinking in about 15 minutes. And then again before breakfast.’ He smiled his wicked smile, eyes glinting dangerously in the moonlight. ‘Then maybe at lunchtime and definitely at tea-time....’
‘That’s a yes then,’ said Toby pressing in closer, his mouth searching for Lachlan’s again. Suddenly quarter of an hour felt a very long time to wait.

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