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What He Wanted

So this was a short story I wrote for 2 fellow Unicorns (shout out to Nightshade Pink Ears and Buttercup Rainbow Tail) on their birthdays. You can find the pictures I used as inspiration here, here, and here.

What He Wanted

Joe lay on the floor exhausted. Unfortunately the feeling he’d been aiming for by the end of the party was sated, but that just hadn't happened, still it had been a fun party.
Wearing nothing more than some leather pants and a few leather straps he hoped the message he was giving wasn't subtle. He wanted to get shagged, he needed to get shagged, unfortunately he was quite specific about who he wanted to do the deed. If he hadn't been then, well, his balls would definitely not be as full as they were at this point in time. In fact he could have emptied them several times over with various willing companions but, for once, his heart was ruling his cock and only one arse was doing it for him. Even more unfortunately the owner of that arse was showing no signs of interest. Or so he thought.
The wooden floor was hard beneath his back but truthfully he didn't care. He was buzzing from the alcohol, an evening of beers and whisky chasers would do that to a man. The leather straps dug a little into his back and the tight shorts he was wearing were pleasantly uncomfortable. The sounds of a dying party went on around him, the last men standing, too sober or too drunk to give up, decided outside was the best place to be right now and cold air wafted over his skin as they opened the door to the garden. The breeze stiffened his nipples and sent a shiver down his body. It was nice though, the party had been hot despite his minimal clothing. Slowly his thoughts drifted to Rob, best friend and man of his dreams.
He'd looked so damn good tonight in his tight black jeans and sharp white shirt. The black tie and perfectly cut hair had just about finished Joe off. He was used to Rob's good looks, he was used to Rob looking hung over and ratty, he'd known Rob through the awkward teen years and seen him grow into his looks in his twenties. He'd seen him good and bad and ugly and tonight he just looked damn fucking hot. And damn fucking fuckable. So fuckable. How can you be best friends with someone for nearly 15 years and then suddenly realise how much you're in love with them? How can it be a shock, be such a sickening dawning, that the reason you can't find someone to settle with is because they aren't Rob, when you've seen him everyday nearly for over a decade? How the hell does shit like that creep up on you? But it had and Joe hadn't wanted anyone else since he'd realised, not for a quickie, a blow job or even a hand job. It had been him and palmela for three months now.
He'd dropped subtle hints at Rob, he'd dropped not so subtle hints at Rob and tonight he'd gone for full out 'I want you to fuck me' attire. But for once Rob wasn't getting the hint. Or he was and ignoring it - that thought made Joe feel sick so he shoved it to a deep recess in the corner of his mind. He was too drunk and too horny to think about consequences, all he knew was he wanted Rob to be more than just a friend.
He let himself imagine accidently on purpose spilling a cup of water over Rob's white shirt. Imagined the way his nipples would erect and be visible under the wet fabric. How he would have to help him out of the wet clothes, how he would....
"You know you look fucking hot tonight, right?" said a voice right in his ear. A hand ghosted over his skin, toying lightly with his nipple rings. Joe kept his eyes shut. This had to be a dream."Do you know what I want to do to you right now?" Joe shook his head very slightly his breathing hitching as the owner of the voice rolled over and onto his knees above him. "Firstly I want to kiss you from here...." A warm mouth sucked lightly at his neck, nipping and sucking at the sensitive spot just below his ear, “to here....”
Heat rushed through him as the mouth trailed down his chest and the tongue stopped to toy with his nipple piercing. Tugging slightly and teasing, the roughness of stubble burning pleasantly where it rubbed. The mouth sucked harder pulling the nipple and piercing into its warm depths. As the tongue teased and hot breath shadowed over his skin, all his awareness became concentrated on the tugging toying of the mouth and the hardness in his pants.
He arched his back wanting more, then reached forward to take hold of Rob, to feel his best friend under his hands, to check that this was real.
"Uh, uh, no touching," the low timbre of Rob's voice, husky with a desire Joe had never heard before, hardened him even more, even as he felt bereaved at the loss of the mouth on his skin. "We're doing this my way buddy, you've wanted this for a few months, well I've wanted it for years and the first time is going to be my way." Joe finally opened his eyes and looked straight into those of his best friend's.
"You've wanted this for years?"
"Yep, took you long enough to get a clue, so I thought what was a little while longer. Maybe you could do with a dose of your own medicine." The soft creases at the corner of Rob's eyes took any malice from the words. "Buddy I have thought about this for so long you are going to have to just wait, I can guarantee it will be worth it." Then, with his hands pinned firmly above his head Joe felt Rob's mouth start its exploration again.
Rob kept Joe’s hands captured beneath him until he felt sure his friend wouldn’t move. Slowly he moved back down Joe’s body, his skin was soft and salty under his mouth. Unable to help himself he ground his groin against Joe’s, the hardness under the leather sent a thrill through him. This was actually happening.
He flicked his tongue lightly over Joe’s hard nipples and, ignoring the urge to spend more time playing with the piercings, raked his teeth lightly down the washboard stomach. He ran kisses across the top of the leather pants, hot damn did Joe look sexy in them. He could feel Joe’s erection straining against its leather prison, the groan that emitted from his friend’s mouth as he ran his hand carelessly over it told him how much he wanted Rob. His own cock throbbed, painfully swollen in his own tight jeans, but he ignored that too.
Finding the bottom of the tight shorts he kissed and sucked the skin there. Muscular yet soft Rob found breathing difficult as he slipped his tongue inside the leather, teasing, torturing Joe with his nearness to his erection. “God Rob, you’ve got to fuck me.”
“Oh I have, have I?” Rob said, smiling as he moved back up Joe’s body. Lowering himself on to his friend he lowered his head til his mouth was scant centimetres above Joe’s.
He lowered his head a little and whispered, “Why?”
“Because I’m an idiot who’s only just realised everything I’ve ever wanted is right here in front of me,” Joe’s breath tickled him then his lips crashed into Rob’s and Rob lost all sense of control.
Musk and beer and stubble and sweet and bitter all collided in his mouth as they kissed. Everything was Joe and Joe was everything, the party, the guests outside, the room....all was forgotten as Joe’s tongue gently swept into his mouth. Heat swept through his body, his dick throbbed and leaked, he needed to get out of his clothes and into Joe.
“As much as I don’t want to move,” Joe breathed into his mouth, his voice strained with the effort of pulling back from the kisses, “as much as I’m not against exhibitionism per se, I’m not going to share you with anyone, even if it is just an audience. We need to find a room.” Rob let his friend push him up and lead him to a bedroom. All pretence of Rob being in charge was gone as Joe slammed him against the door kissing him roughly, claiming his mouth for his own.
His hearted thudded in his chest as he pushed Rob against the door. He couldn’t get enough of the sweetness of his mouth and he cradled his friend’s face in his hands. He swept his tongue over Rob’s and bit his bottom lip, growling softly as he did so. Sliding his hands into Rob’s shirt he made short work of the buttons and soon had it off, jeans and pants followed until Rob was naked and Joe was in his leather gear.
His mouth caressed Rob’s neck as he lowered his hand and cupped Rob’s balls. He gently fondled them as he sucked his neck harder, teasing with his tongue, the sounds he was pulling out of Rob hardening him even more.
“Joe...” the plea was quiet but Joe took pity on his friend and dropped to his knees, putting his mouth to a different use. The cock throbbed in his mouth as he pushed down the length of it. Sucking hard and pulling out slowly before pushing down again. He let his tongue stroke against the underside rubbing up and down, pushing in and out, until his aching jaw and the incoherent noises from Rob made him pull back so only the tip was still in the warmth of his mouth. He traced his tongue over the hooded tip, pushed the foreskin back with his lips and licked the pre-come before engulfing him wholly in his mouth again.
He lost track of time sucking and licking and listening to Rob’s moans until he felt Rob tug at the leather straps bound over his shoulders and pull him back to his feet. Warm fingers fumbled at the zip of his shorts tugging them off so his own cock sprang fee from its tight constraints. Relief at the freeness matched the pulsing desire that controlled his every nerve. A wet stickiness coated his own knob and his desire for relief was too strong to bother trying to find condoms and lube. He wanted to fuck Rob but he needed to come first or he was going to explode. He wrapped his hand round both their dicks and stroked them together. The silky hardness of Rob rubbed against his own erection, come slicking the movements of his hand, balls chafing gently together.
Rob’s hands were tangled in his hair, his mouth hot on his, until his body became rigid and his breathing became panting breaths.
“Joe,” he sighed as the dick in his hand pulsed and hot come splashed over his fingers. The hazy, unfocused look in Rob’s eye undid Joe and his own balls tightened in response, his come spilling and mixing with Rob’s. He stroked gently until every drop had pulsed from both of them, then he wrapped his arms around Rob and kissed him more, not caring about the sticky mess that trailed over them.
These kisses weren’t urgent, they weren’t aggressive, they weren’t needy. They were kisses that said what a million years of friendship hadn’t managed to. They were kisses that told a story without words. They were kisses that told of promises, of future and of love.

This story is available as a free PDF download on the freebies page. Enjoy.

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