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Daniel & Alex

In March our fearless Unicorn leader Nightshade Lovely Lady enjoyed her birthday. This is what I wrote for her and here and here is where you'll find my inspiration.

Daniel & Alex

The sun was beating down and Daniel stopped briefly to strip his sweat soaked t-shirt off, tucking it into the top of his shorts he swung his rucksack up onto his back and started forward again. Alex was striding ahead and he didn’t want to lose sight of his friend. Why he had chosen the hottest day of the year to trek out into the wilderness Daniel wasn’t entirely sure, but Alex had asked and Daniel wasn’t going to say no. He never said no to Alex, nobody did.
A force to be reckoned with Alex was larger than life, there wasn’t a thing he wouldn’t do or say however he had a heart so large Daniel hadn’t known one person who didn’t fall under his spell. And yet for some reason, unfathomable to Daniel, Alex had chosen him to be his best friend and co-conspirator.
The ground under his feet was more straw than grass and the sweet smell of it filled his nose as he sped up. He could see a few other people in the distance but nobody was near and despite the heat he had to admit it was amazing up here.
‘So was I right? Is this the best birthday outing or what?’ Alex paused waiting for Daniel to catch him up.
‘I’m 29 not 9,’ Daniel panted, ‘I don’t need a birthday outing, and couldn’t you have chosen a cooler day to do this?’ He finally caught up to his friend and fished his water bottle out, ‘I’d have been perfectly happy having a night out in the pub you know, with the usual crowd.’
‘Danny, Danny, Danny,’ Alex shook his head and grinned, ‘that’s why you’ve got me. You spend every Friday in the Hog’s Head, now I know this isn’t exactly Austria or France or somewhere exotic but the Lake District is a pretty cool place and I can’t believe you’ve never been here before.’
Daniel raised his eyebrows and offered Alex his water bottle, there was no point arguing, while he didn’t exactly care about his birthday Alex did, every year he arranged something and Daniel supposed this was better than the year of the strip club with half a dozen friends and it beat the drunken pool party hands down, he liked a party as much as anyone but coming across not one but two of his best friends having sex with their girlfriends was enough to burn holes in anyone’s eyes.
‘It is amazing here,’ he conceded, ‘just damn hot.’
Alex grinned, ‘Well don’t worry about that, I know the perfect place to cool down, only about another 45 minutes and we’ll be there.’ He capped the drinks bottle and handed it back. ‘You’d better put your shirt back on or you’ll get sunburnt,’ he added.
‘Nah, I’m good for another hour or so, I put suntan lotion on before I came out.’ Alex stared at Daniel, his fern green eyes unreadable. ‘Well I have to say the view is fantastic,’ he murmured. Daniel frowned slightly at his friend whose face suddenly split with its usual wide smile and swept his arm to the side indicating the fells, valleys, forests and lakes.
‘It sure is,’ Daniel agreed.
‘Come on then Danny boy,’ Alex said, leading him closer to the wooded area they were headed for.
Under the canopy of the trees it was still hot and humid but without the intense burning heat of the sun. Oak trees, birches, pine trees and horse chestnuts fought for space. No other humans could be seen or heard and Daniel suddenly felt extremely peaceful. They were walking in silence, Alex always a few steps ahead leading the way. Twigs crackled under foot and birds chirped overhead, a city boy pretty much through and through Daniel had never experienced anything like it and he was overawed at what he’d been missing.
Another sound was becoming apparent and he strained his ears to try and figure out what it was. A dull roar, consistent and getting louder with each step.
‘Er, what’s that noise?’ he asked Alex.
‘You’ll see,’ his friend replied just giving another annoying grin.
It didn’t take long for Daniel to find out, they came into a small clearing with a stream running through it and in the distance a water fall tumbled onto rocks.
‘Oh my....oh wow...’ lost for words he quickened his pace and followed a laughing Alex towards it.
The water in the stream was crystal clear and tiny fish darted along the bottom in small groups. The cascade of the waterfall was beautiful, tiny droplets caught the sunlight and glittered as they bounced downwards.
‘In the spring it’s even more impressive, snowmelt and rain water cause it to be twice as big as this but I think it’s still stunning,’ said Alex as they came to a halt on a soft green patch of grass just far enough away to not get splashed.
‘It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen,’ said Daniel, ‘how do you know about this place?’
‘Family holidays, this was our favourite spot my sister and I would play for hours in the water while Mum and Dad lazed with the picnic.’
Daniel felt the familiar twinge in his chest when he heard Alex talk about his family. They were so story book it was unreal and a complete contrast to his own dysfunctional, uncaring parents. They treated him like an extended member of the family and he loved spending time round there, even as an adult he visited at least once a month. The day Alex had become his uni roommate was the best day of his life.
‘So shall we set the blanket out?’ Alex asked. Grabbing one side of the tartan cover he pulled it straight.
‘Okay birthday boy, have a seat, your feast shall be served.’ Alex opened his own rucksack and started pulling out food. Carefully packed in ice he had all the mainstays of a great English picnic – chicken drumsticks, egg sandwiches, a pork pie, crisps, grapes, chocolate and cartons of fruit juice.
‘I was going to go with something a bit more upper-class but well, a picnic just isn’t a picnic without egg sarnies.’
‘It’s perfect,’ Daniel said, as a warm feeling spread through him, this was like a million childhood fantasies come true and as the sunlight dappled through the trees and they sat chatting together on the blanket Daniel honestly couldn’t recall a time he’d felt happier.
Warm and full Daniel watched Alex pack up the remains of the picnic and lay down on his stomach feeling sleepy with the warm sun on his back. ‘Good idea,’ said Alex as he stretched out beside him, let our food digest and then we’ll cool down in the water.’
‘I’ve not got any trunks with me,’ Daniel said yawning.
‘Oh who needs trunks Danny boy?’ and as his eyes closed Daniel was sure he saw Alex wink at him.
He woke with a start as something cold dribbled onto his back. ‘What the fuck?’
‘Sorry Danny but you’re starting to burn; it’s just a little suntan lotion.’ Alex grinned and started smoothing the greasy mess over his back. His hands were strong and stroked long stripes from his neck to the top of his shorts. With each pass of his hands Daniel felt a stirring in his stomach, butterflies fluttered, his cock hardened and he found himself wishing Alex’s hands would go lower. He wanted them to dip into his shorts, to caress his arse, to....
He sat up, what the hell; this was Alex, best friend not a potential lover. ‘Do you want me to do your front or can you do that yourself?’ Daniel couldn’t read the playful look on his friends face - was he playing, did he know, did he feel it too? The hardness Daniel wasn’t concealing very well in the front of his shorts was pretty much a guarantee that Alex knew what he’d been thinking but the wink he gave him as he passed the bottle over didn’t help him understand any further.
‘Well you slap some on and then come and join me in the water,’ said Alex stripping off his shorts and pants and striding towards the waterfall. Daniel was confused as he applied the sun cream, confused and goddamn horny. For some reason as he started to strip off he realised that he needed Alex to be more than a friend and wasn’t quite sure why it had taken so long for the penny to drop. Alex beckoned him into the water and Daniel made a decision that was either going to be the best or the worst of his life.
Not caring that his erection was fully visible he made his way to join Alex under the waterfall. The water was waist high, but so clear it didn’t conceal anything. Daniel focused on Alex, seeing him as if for the first time. The way his hair darkened in the wet, how his laughing green eyes seemed to see right into his soul. The broad shoulders and toned torso. The pink nipples hardened in the cool water, the dark happy trail that led to an erection as hard as his own.
‘Nice to see you’re on the same page as me,’ said Alex pulling him under the spray so their bodies were perfectly aligned. His friend clasped his face in his hands and pulled him forward, until they were scant inches apart. The glinting green eyes were more serious than Daniel had ever seen them.
‘You know I love you right?’ his friend whispered and the words sent a thrill through him. Closing the gap between them Daniel leaned into the kiss; rough, chapped lips and the warm velvety softness of Alex’s mouth moved against his. Tongues stroked together, and nothing was gentle as they nipped and bit and sucked.
Their cocks rubbed together and hands stroked and clasped any available bare skin. Alex was a mass of contradictions; soft skin, hard muscle, tender caresses, rough kisses, timeless strokes and urgent thrusts. Time was beyond Daniel’s sphere of recognition, all he knew was the man grinding against him, his best friend, his lover.
‘Come on,’ murmured Alex pulling away slightly, gripping Daniel’s hand tightly he led him back to the blanket. Laying Daniel down he sat astride him and clasping both their cocks in his hand stroked long, rough strokes that Daniel lost himself in. Daniel could feel the welcoming tightening in his balls when Alex stopped. Disappointment and need coursed through him and he reached his own hand to continue the stroking.
‘Uh, huh, just give me a sec,’ growled Alex as he grabbed his bag and rummaged through it. ‘I’m not saying I’d planned this but...’ he pulled out some johnnies and a packet of lube, ‘let’s say I hoped.’
Lust racked Daniel’s body as he lifted his legs and let Alex’s lube soaked fingers rub across his hole. He bucked forward needing to feel those fingers inside him and Alex obliged, gently at first then harder and faster and adding more fingers until both of them needed more than just fingers.
Daniel sighed as he felt the hardness push into him, a pause for his arse to accept it and then he thrust forward needing more, needing it harder, needing, needing, needing...He moaned as the tightness started in his balls again, as the waves of his orgasm started to slowly lap at him and build and build and time stopped then crashed, as hot come splashed over his stomach. Alex moaned above him as his own orgasm burned and then they were lying together, not caring about the sticky mess between them as they kissed and caressed again.
The afternoon was getting late as they packed all the rubbish into carrier bags and stuffed them into the rucksacks. They’d lain entwined together as the sun moved across the sky. The heat had not greatly diminished and it caressed their naked bodies, bathing them in its warmth. Daniel didn’t care that they were in the open, the sound of twigs cracking underfoot or voices calling would alert them to any visitors, he didn’t care that he wasn’t sure what tomorrow would bring because he knew that it would involve Alex and that felt like home.
They cleaned themselves in the water pausing to kiss and touch – not hard and urgent but gentle and soft, though still just as needy. As they made their way back through the fells and forests they walked together, holding hands. The silence was still there, the silence of words, but the looks they exchanged said more than words ever could. The best birthday ever, thought Daniel as the village they were staying in came into sight. Best birthday ever.

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