Sunday, 23 March 2014

All Hearts Campaign

On March the 6th one phone call changed everything.

I rang my brother for a chat, to catch up on the gossip, and instead found him on the verge of tears. He's a policeman, he doesn't cry easily but he'd just had a phone call from my sister asking him to pick up her younger son from school as her older son, Sam, had just collapsed.

Imagine that phone call, the school's rung and told you your son has gone into cardiac arrest. She grabbed her 6th month baby and ran all the way to the school. Imagine that fear that those sirens you can hear, that the air ambulance hovering overhead, is for your child. Go on, imagine it. I can't. It is every parent's worst nightmare - except as she said later it wasn't, not quite, because Sam miraculously survived. 95% of those who suffer cardiac arrest don't. 300+ children die each year in schools due to cardiac arrest - many of them with undiagnosed heart problems.

So why did Sam survive? One thing alone saved him - the fact that the school had a defibrillator and staff who knew how to use it. They were all first aid trained but couldn't get his heart started without it. That simple piece of equipment saved his life.

All Hearts is a campaign to get defibrillators in every school in the UK. EVERY school. Our first goal is to raise just £5000 in order that we can become a registered charity - if every person with children at schools were able to donate just a little then this goal would be easily reached. Can you help?

Thank you - from the bottom of all out hearts.

Click to donate and help save a heart.

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